Tom Tattoo, real name Tommaso Buglioni is a professional tattoo artist and piercer, one of the pioneers of the tattoo art in Italy. Tommaso Buglioni was born in Ancona, on the 29th of September 1961 and founded his studio in Ancona, via XXIX Settembre, 30 years ago.

Tom knows deeply every tattooing style and he has a great sensitivity for the use of colours and the composition of complex subjects.
Although he's constantly evolving, it is possible to identify some key points: he has a solid, vigorous and emotional style: he has a forceful and concrete line that becomes fine and impalpable in his sealistic subjects.
His skills and his thirty-years experience allow him in finding solution for apparently unsolvable problems: with aesthetic – recontructioning tattoo Tom gets to restore the aesthetic normality on persons with evident and disfigured scars, on persons with total or parcial alopecia and on women who need the nipple reconstruction.

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