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The art of tattooing concerns the placing of some colour in the dermis using a pointed instrument.
There are many tattooing techniques that have been conceived through the ages. Today the Western tattooing uses an electric machine, which holds and moves very fast a varying number of needles according to the required effect. The needles penetrate the skin and deposit the pigment in the dermis.

The Tom Tattoo Studio, thanks to the 30-years experience of Tommaso Buglioni, offers any style tattooing: realistic, Japanese, traditional or tribal. Tom executes also the aesthetic-reconstrutioning tattoo, which might be less known, but it offers great support in many different situations,
such as on scars and stretch marks or in the case of the reconstruction of missing or imperfect parts of the body.
The studio guarantees the utmost hygiene, best instruments and excellent quality pigments in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and the knowlegde of the symbology and meaning of any offered design