Piercing is the inserting of a jewel in any part of the body through a needle (cannula) or other suitable instrument. This experience has to be a real life experience, body manipulation, sometimes also art and research and not simply compliance with fashion. As far as pain is concerned, there is only slight and brief discomfort that helps the person being pierced to become conscious of the experience and of the distinctive mark that they will wear from that moment on. To get an excellent piercing you need a professional piercer with many years of study and experimentation and, in the case of Tom Tattoo, some years of university training.
A professional piercer knows the right point to pierce, uses the best suited jewel for healing and later maintenance, has safe avant-garde instruments, knows how to care and to pay attention immediately after piercing, works in a comfortable environment. More over he knows deeply the human anatomy, the skin tissues, the nerve endings he must not touch; he has to know how to stop a bleeding and how to face any technical problem or any reaction might arise.