Body painting is an artistic expression that, together with tattooing, piercing and many others besides, make up the vast panorama of body art.
The body decoration have, since the beginning of time, been part of man behavior as a tool for communication among people.
Body painting is an important distinctive mark, present in all traditional cultures, from the Woodabi tribe in Mali to the invisible populations of the Amazon and even the traditional Kabuki theatre in Japan, and also throughout history. The ancient Egyptians used to embellish and distinguish the bodies of great dignitaries and the Nordic populations used to paint their bodies to scare the enemy in battle.
As a temporary decoration, body painting is done using non-toxic, washable watercolours. Tom Tattoo has been turning body painting into a spectacular performance art, performing in nightclubs and events.
His refined and fluid style, particularly attentive to colour harmonies and the lines of the human body, make Tommaso Buglioni a unique, inimitable artist.
He first came into contact with this art form in the late 1980s and ten has been performing with models and dancers in the major Italian and international nightclubs and discos, such as the Peter Pan, the Pascià, the Cocoricò, the Echoes, the Villa delle Rose and the Byblos;the prestigious Sound Factory and the Limelight in New York.
Tom has been a precursor of combining body painting and fashion and therefore he has created hundreds of works on the catwalks across Europe; he has also collaborated with great trademarks such as Wella and Orea Malià; he has painted models for great fashion photographer such as Paolo Monina and Mario Gomez: he has collaborated with numerous artists in the production of some music videos, such as Lucio Dalla, Eros Ramazzotti, Articolo 31, when he even tattooed on stage during the group’s performance, Almamegretta, when he performed a body painting on stage, and Luciano Ligabue. With him, Tommaso worked on the set of the film “Da zero a dieci”, painting and making up hundreds of extras, and of course playing a very small part.
Tom has also appeared on TV many times, from Rai 2 to Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rai 1 where, during the Uno Mattina programme, painted the Miss Italia finalists.